The Lent experiment, part 35

Today: Psalm 35.

‘My whole being will exclaim, “Who is like you, LordYou rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.’ (Ps. 35:10)

God loves everyone equally. But he seems to have a special love for the poor, the needy. For the refugee, the orphan and the widow. Throughout Scripture God calls us to take care of them. Because if we do this, we’re like him.  

Like David proclaims in today’s Psalm: ‘Who is like you, LordYou rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.’ (v. 10) Injustice harms everyone, but especially the poor. They often have no one to come to their defence. Because they have nothing. No status, no prestige, no money to give for help… nothing. That’s why people will abuse them, oppres them, and rob them of the little they do have. And that’s why God comes to their rescue.

How? Of course God can and sometimes will intervene miraculously to rescue the poor and needy. But ost of the time he will use us, his people, to act. In World War II the Germans had blown apart a Statue of Christ at a French village’s town square. After the war, the people of the village began to put together the pieces of their beloved statue  and the only pieces they could not find were its hands. The whole village was mourning over this loss, until one morning they discovered a sign that someone had hung around the statue’s neck. It said, ‘We are His Hands.’…

 We, the church, are now the body of Christ on earth. We are his hands and his feet. And Jesus calls us to help the poor and the needy like he did, in the power and love of his Spirit at work in us. Read Mt. 25:31-46 if you’re not sure how serious Jesus is about this. 

How can we bless a poor or needy person this week? Maybe by transfering some extra money to a relief organisation like Compassion or Tear? By praying for your colleague who’s struggling with her back for so long already? Or by bying a sandwhich for the streetmagazine seller in front of your local supermarket? Whatever it is, rembember, we are God’s hands! 

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you are a God who loves the poor and needy with a deep passion. Will you fill us with the same compassion. Help us to see our brothers and sisters in need the way so see them. Help us to love them the way you love them. To serve them the way you serve them. Because you call us to be your hands. Use us, Lord, in Jesus name! Yes!

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